“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

(Wizard of Oz – 1939)

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Below you will find a comprehensive list of links, email addresses, and documents that we hope will provide you with a better employment experience.




Questions regarding payroll should be initially directed through your recruiter (if you have one).  As part of our comprehensive plan to deliver the best possible employment experience please use the below email address to contact the Payroll department.


Email:    payroll@squadbuilders.com



Paycheck Stubs/W2’s Access


Stubs and W2’s are made available after your first paycheck has been processed.  Please click the link below to register your email and gain access to your paycheck stubs.  Once you are on the payroll site you will want to click the “SIGN UP” button in the upper right hand corner of the homepage to get started.  In order to successfully register you will need to use the email address provided to us on your application, the last net paycheck amount (post-tax amount – obtained by us) and your social security number.




Human Resources


The Human Resources department works closely with every division in our organization.  Every person we hire must go through a comprehensive vetting process to ensure eligibility and compliance.  All files are securely filed and stored away for the safety of each employee.  Please use the below email to contact the HR department.  Please be patient as we are very busy and will respond as soon as we can.


Email:  hr@squadbuilders.com



Helpful documents


Payroll Calendar

Contract Timesheet

Per Diem Timecard