SquadBuilders Testimonials

What's in a testimonial?  We like to think it is someone's candor regarding our abilities.  We work very hard to deliver the highest quality experience to our nurse travelers as we serve top notch hospitals with top notch nurses!

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My recruiter has outstanding communication abilities. She is always kind, caring and personable. She treats you like a friend not just a person to fill a position. The credentialing specialist is also kind and very helpful. They are both sincere and eager to help.

— JoAnn S, SquadBuilders Travel Nurse
My recruiter has been absolutely amazing. She has been honest and straight-forward with me from the start. She went over and above to help me get the position I wanted. My overall experience with SquadBuilders has been outstanding!
— Kinzy D, SquadBuilders Travel Nurse
I have been a nurse for 36 years and was ready to call it quits. My SquadBuilders recruiter was so professional and scoped in on my talents. They found a job that fit me perfectly. I did have to jump into action to get all of her requirements met but the job they connected me with is perfect. I started recently and I have a whole new refreshed outlook on my career. My recruiter has been there for me through the whole process and was so encouraging. I can’t thank them enough for bringing my profession back into a exciting new experience.
— Linda O, SquadBuilders Travel Nurse
My SquadBuilders recruiter was able to match me with the perfect job for where I am in my life right now. I loved the area that I was placed and ended up accepting a full time position with the facility after my contract ended. In the future, I will definitely consider working with SquadBuilders again and recomend this company to other RN’s all the time!
— Kellyn, SquadBuilders Travel Nurse
My recruiter has been absolutely wonderful. He answers all my calls and questions and is very professional, prompt. kind and efficient. His integrity and respect is refreshing and makes it easy to communicate with him. I’ve had a very good experience with SquadBuilders and would recommend them to other nurses looking for a new job experience.
— Carolyn C, SquadBuilders Travel Nurse
I’m very satisfied with the experience that I’ve had with SquadBuilders. I could go on and on, but there isn’t enough time in the day to tell my story. So, I will say this, they have delivered exceptional service helping me fulfill a life-long dream and I will be forever grateful.
— Erica B, SquadBuilders Travel Nurse
I am very thankful for such a great experience working with SquadBuilders. Their team has been so kind and personally caring. My overall experience with them has been outstanding.
— Kristin B, SquadBuilders Travel Nurse
Working with SquadBuilders has been the greatest experience of my nursing career. My SquadBuilders representative used my prior experience to find the best employer for me.
— Susan T, SquadBuilders Travel Nurse
My Recruiter has been a great deal of help. Giving me assistance even after hours and on the weekend. She’s very patient with my barrage of questions. SquadBuilders is doing a great job of placing their employees, answering questions and giving full support where needed. I know she has other nurses she works with but she makes you feel like I am her only priority and that’s pretty amazing!
— Jessica M, SquadBuilders Travel Nurse
I have really enjoyed working with SquadBuilders for this change in my career. They have been fair and transparent every step of the way. I feel very blessed to have found this company.
— Shannon B, SquadBuilders Travel Nurse

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