Welcome to SquadBuilders!  

We are glad to have you and we are excited to partner together for this exclusive Costco Member offer.  We are a staffing firm specializing in placing highly qualified nurses in their dream jobs!

We recruit alongside some the largest and most respected hospital systems in Kansas City and the surrounding states.  These facilities are in great need of highly qualified nurses to work contracts or even go directly on staff with them.  Finding quality nurses is not an easy job, so we are trying to make it easier by partnering with Costco to provide an exclusive offer to all their members.

The Offer

A $1,000.00 payout in return for a referred nurse.  This nurse could be a friend, colleague, or even yourself!  In the event you are referring yourself, you will receive the entire payout.  In the event you are not a nurse and refer a nurse friend you will split the payout 50/50, each receiving $500.00 for a total payout of $1,000.00.  

eligibility requirements

In order to receive the payout the nurse referred must be offered, accept and complete a minimum of 450 billable hours to a qualifying SquadBuilders customer.


Do I need to be a Costco Member to be eligible?
— Only the referring party must be a Costco Member.
How will I get paid?
— The nurse will get paid in the form of a completion bonus and the referrer will get a check.
When do I get paid?
— After 450 billable hours have been completed by the nurse.

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