We all have our habits, good and bad. One habit that can change your life for the better is eating your daily intake of vegetables.  When we were kids, that is one thing all of our parents tried to get us to eat more of- vegetables. They would make smiley faces out of the veggies or had us imagine that the broccoli looked like trees. They did that for a reason. Vegetables are so vital for human health. They hold so much nutrients that our body needs. The older we get, the more we appreciate vegetables. June 17th is “National Eat your Vegetables Day”. A day to remind everyone that eating your daily intake of veggies is so important.

Vegetable Benefits: 


·   Improves vision

·         Reduce the risk of lung cancer

·         Reduce the risk of heart disease

·         Promotes healthy skin

·         Cleanses the body



·         Promotes healthy hair and skin

·         Lowers Blood Pressure

·         Promotes Healthy Digestive Tract

·         Helps manage Diabetes


 Bell Peppers:

·         Reduce risk of certain chronic illnesses

·         Reduce risk of age-related eye disorders

·         Supports strong immune system

·         Reduce of heart disease and diabetes



·         Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

·   Great Detox

·         Improves Cancer Prevention

·         Cardiovascular Support

·         Supports Digestive Tract


As you can see, these are just a few of the benefits vegetables have.  Don’t just nibble on veggies once a week, make sure to eat the recommended amount every day. It’s a habit that can truly change your life.

Your daily routine are your habits, so make them positive. It’s never too late to alter your lifestyle. Your habits can impact your family life, health and career. So, make sure to: spend more time with family, eat more veggies and if you aren’t happy with where you are working, change it up! SquadBuilders has great opportunities for anyone that is in the healthcare industry. We truly enjoy helping people like you make that positive change. It’s a healthy habit that can make an impact on your life for the better.  Contact us today if you are ready to make that leap. You won’t regret it, just like you won’t regret eating your veggies.