Employee Spotlight of the Month-Meet Bridgette!


It's time for Spotlight: Employee of the Month- and we are shining the spotlight squarely on the very reason we exist- the wonderful, hard-working employees that we place each and every day.  You'll meet folks from all walks of life, many who have never used a recruiting firm like SquadBuilders before.

You might even read about someone that sounds just like you!  #JoinTheSquad

Name: Bridgette

Profession: Registered Nurse

How many years in the industry? 3 1/2 years


1.What drew you to SquadBuilders?

Well, to be honest I had never heard of SquadBuilders until David called me! I had uploaded my resume onto a job finding website and that same day I received a call from David.  This is where my journey with Squadbuilders began.


2. What do you like most about working with SquadBuilders?

I like that the staff are always available to answer questions, give advice and their professionalism.  They are great mentors and get answers to problems really quickly!


3. What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to spend time outdoors with my family, we go camping, rowing and generally spending quality time together.  I also like to sew and bake.


4.What is your favorite part of being a Registered Nurse?

My favorite part of being an RN is that I am passionate about taking care of people who are in need of help or cannot take care of themselves.  I love to care!


5. What is your favorite quote?

""Cure sometimes, treat often, always comfort."   Hippocrates



We at SquadBuilders specialize in placing nurses and healthcare professionals in Overland Park and the greater Kansas City metro. Believe us when we say, "there really are plenty of RN jobs available in Overland Park and Kansas City!".

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