3 Travel Nurse Bloggers That You Should Follow

3 Travel Nurse Bloggers.png

If you love reading about travel nursing and what other's experiences have been, you should try reading these three travel nursing blogs. They each are unique and have a different story to tell. 

What are they? 

1. Gypsy Nurse



"Active in the Travel Nursing industry for the past 14 years; I am dedicated to providing a place for nurses interested in travel nursing to come to find all the answers and information needed to begin a successful career as a Travel Nurse. Dedicated to providing the next generation of nurses a base of information on the career choice of Travel Nursing by providing Career Services speaking engagements to Nursing Colleges and Student Nursing Associations."-Candy Treft; founder of Gypsy Nurse

2. Mighty Nurse


"Mighty Nurse is a team of nurse superheroes. The mission: To support and empower nurses in a world that takes advantage of their unrelenting support for humanity, kindness and skills. With a dash of self-motivation, a pinch of compassion, a hint of education and a whole lot of desire to be the mightiest nurse you can be, you’ll fit right in around here. Whether it’s through our educational partnerships, free skills testing, nurse to nurse advice, or weekly doses of inspiration, Mighty Nurse has the resources for you to not only improve your own career but enable others to take steps forward in theirs as well." -The Mighty Nurse

3. The Nerdy Nurse



"Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN, the nurse behind The Nerdy Nurse, is an award-winning author and blogger, international keynote speaker, and an influential social media personality in the nursing, technology, and healthcare IT communities. Brittney’s goal is to help others gain confidence in the digital world through her unique vision of technology empowerment. Her passion for informatics and innovation in healthcare is unmatched. She is a devoted patient, nurse, and technology advocate. She is also the author of The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology and co-author of The Nurse’s Guide to Blogging. She blogs about nursing, technology, health IT, and other healthcare topics at thenerdynurse.com."-The Nerdy Nurse





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