5 Benefits of Working on Contract

Nursing is an exciting profession. There are so many paths you can take with the one career choice. One path that many take is working as a “travel nurse” or aka “contract nurse”. Some nurses hear about working contract, but aren’t sure how it works and what the benefits consist of. Here are just five of the many reasons why nurses decide to go on contract.

1.       Pay- Everyone loves receiving a nice paycheck, right? When on contract, typically, a nurse will get paid substantially higher compared to being a permanent employee at a hospital.   

2.       Insurance- After 60 days of being on contract, a nurse is eligible to receive medical, dental and life insurance.

*We cover 50% of the nurse's medical and dental and 100% of  vision and life insurance. 

3.       Experience-If you are looking for a way to gain great experience, this is the way to go. A typical contract is 13 weeks long. Each contract, you can gain experience with different specialties in different environments and settings. The more experience you have, the more money you are likely to make!

4.        Support-When working on contract, you will have a recruiter that you will keep in contact with throughout. The recruiter is there to answer any and all questions you may have 24/7, as well as make sure everything is all set for your next assignment. It makes life so much easier on you!


5.       Meet new people- Another great benefit of working on contract is getting to meet new people. With every contract and hospital you work at, the more connections you are going to make. This can benefit you in the future. Isn’t it true-it’s all about who you know? With knowing more people in the healthcare field, comes more opportunities!

Are you ready to work as a contract nurse?


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