10 Questions Every Healthcare Candidate Asks

1. Why shouldn't I just apply directly to a hospital instead of working with SquadBuilders?

-The hospitals that we work with get thousands of applicants each and every month. It's hard for them to funnel through the needle in the haystack. That is where we come in. We have direct access to the hiring manager in order to get you an interview typically 24-48 hours after we submit your information to the hospital. We never discourage working directly with the hospitals. Working through us just makes the process quicker.

2. Does it cost me money to work with SquadBuilders?

-Absolutely not! That is one of the best things about us being recruiters. We are able to connect people with their dream jobs. Compensated by the hospitals, our core mission is to serve the healthcare organizations we work with as well as healthcare professionals. Basically, we connect good people with good jobs. 

3. Who pays me-the hospital or SquadBuilders?

-SquadBuilders is your employer while you are on contract, so you will be getting paid through us directly. The only difference though between you and any other healthcare professional at the hospital is where your paycheck comes from. 

4. What happens once the 13-week contract is up?

-We always encourage to get in contact with your recruiter as soon as possible to let them know what you would like to do once the contract is up. Typically around half way through the contract, the recruiter will see what you would like to do. At that point, we reach out to the hospital to see if that's possible. We never leave anyone hanging right before their contract is up. 

5. Are my hours and pay rate guaranteed?

-Your hours and pay are guaranteed. It is given to you in a written contract before you start. In the contract, it will include all of the details of your assignment  such as schedule, hours and pay. 

6. Is my assignment guaranteed by written contract?

-Once you sign our contract also known as the Healthcare Agreement,  it locks you in for the given time, usually 13 weeks.  So the Healthcare Agreement does guarantee your assignment. In order for you to begin your assignment however, you do have to pass through all of our pre-employment requirements.  This is our compliance which includes a mix of what the hospital and what Joint Commission requires. Examples include drug screen, paperwork, background check, etc. 

7. Do you offer benefits?

-We do offer a full benefits package. It includes medical, dental, vision and a supplemental life insurance policy. SquadBuilders covers 50% of the employee's premium cost for medical and dental and 100% of vision and basic life insurance. 

We do have a waiting period, just like any other employer. After 60 days of working for us, you can begin receiving your benefits. 

8. What hospitals do you work with?

-We work with some of the best healthcare organizations in the region. Locally, in the Kansas City area, is the largest amount of our customers. From level 1 trauma, teaching hospitals to level 2, level 3 and even level 4 trauma centers. We also work with some world class organizations down south in Texas as well as up north in Wisconsin. We work with many partners regionally. 

9. Will I still have orientation?

-Of course! Our customers (healthcare organizations) want to see success. They have put time and energy into the relationship with yourself and they realize it all begins with orientation. The first few days, you should expect to receive computer training and education on the customer. Once that is complete, you can then expect to work into the unit orientation. That is where you will get to see the nuts and bolts of the unit. Understand the people you will be working with directly as well as find out what the expectations are. 

10. Is the pay higher than what I'm making as a staff nurse?

-One benefit of working contract is that the pay is typically higher. However,  it does vary depending on the specialty, unit, as well as facility.


We hope to be able to build a relationship with you-whether you are looking to make a move now, 6 months or 2 years down the road. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you come across any questions or even if you would just like to have a relationship built for the future.