Happy National Nurses Week from SquadBuilders!

This National Nurses Week, May 6-12, 2017, we are more than happy to have the opportunity to talk about what makes nurses so special.

Here are the SquadBuilders Top 10 Reasons Why Nurses are Amazing:

1.       Compassion: Nurses go beyond the medicine, providing comfort and care for patients in need of a friendly smile or a little extra attention.

2.        Teamwork: No one beats nurses when it comes to being a team player. Nurses are adept at working with an ever-changing team throughout their work shift.

3.       Humor: Nurses often bring their sense of humor to the job to lighten a difficult moment, or just make a patient smile during the day.

4.       Passion: Nursing is a labor of love by people who are passionate about what they do. These caretakers work long hours, sometimes with patients who don’t always want to cooperate. Yet they remain upbeat and ready to go each day…we love their passion and commitment!

5.       Positive attitude: Nurses bring a positive attitude to celebrate the good moments and get patients through the bad ones.

6.       Physical endurance: Nursing is a physically demanding job. Whether successfully giving a shot to a wriggling child or helping mobilize an elderly patient, nurses just keep going!

7.       Emotional strength: Nurses work with vulnerable patients all the time. Yet they come to work each day fortified with incredible coping skills, which they often share with their patients.

8.       Adaptability: One of the things many of our nurses enjoy about their career path is the flexible work hours and work environments available to them. We don’t know if there is any correlation, but we have noticed that nurses are versatile, adaptable, and simply “make it work,” in any situation.

9.       Cool, Calm and Collected: Nurses are well trained, and know what to do in any emergency situation.

10.   Trust: Above all, nurses make patients feel special by connecting with them and going above and beyond the call of duty to establish a trusting relationship. Time and time again, we’ve heard stories about our nurses going the extra mile – celebrating a patient’s birthday in the hospital, or responding quickly to an anxious parent who is worried about a sick child.

Thanks to all of our incredible nurses for all you do!