Skilled Healthcare Job Opportunities Continue to Rise in Kansas City

A few weeks ago, I talked about many of the things that make Kansas City so great in Kansas City: A hidden gem we’re proud to call home. Trust me, if you ask anyone around here about their favorite KC BBQ, and you’ll have a good debate going about which one is best in just a few minutes!

While we love our BBQ, Kansas City offers so much more than good food, great people, and fun things to do. One of our greatest strengths is a long-term plan under development to further strengthen our region’s economic development, which will result in more skilled job opportunities in our city.

The great news for our employees, according to a recent article in the Kansas City Business Journal, healthcare workers – including nursing and home health aides, and healthcare IT – are high on the list of the  fastest-growing occupations in the Kansas City area. And each of these job categories offer hundreds of open positions in Kansas City. 

Even better news is the fact that our city is looking at ways to continue growing the Kansas City region’s economic growth, and, more important, mapping out ways to grow a highly-skilled workforce to take on those positions. This initiative is being led by a group called KC Rising.

KC Rising wants to “fully realize Kansas City’s economic potential by targeting high growth in trade, people and ideas.” Something we like to hear at SquadBuilders.

The time is right: There is really no better time to connect with us at SquadBuilders. Whether you are a job seeker, looking to enhance your healthcare IT or nursing career, or an employer seeking highly qualified staff, SquadBuilders can create the right fit for you or your organization.

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