Kansas City: A hidden gem we're proud to call home!

Time and time again, we hear it from people who relocate to Kansas City: it’s a hidden gem. Wherever they hail from, they always express surprise at what a fantastic city we have right here in the Heartland, and rave about our great cost of living, good climate and friendly people.

When you look at it closely, Kansas City is small enough to make getting places a breeze and keep the traffic light, but large enough to offer something for everyone. We have fabulous dining and shopping, music and theater, sports, nightlife and tons of attractions. Whether you’ve lived here your entire life, or are a recent transplant, the KC metro area is packed with tons of things to entertain and expand your horizons.

A few of our favorite things in KC…

The food: It’s no secret that we are proud of our BBQ! Hometown favorites include Jack Stack, LC’s, Gates, Q39, Arthur Bryant’s and Joe’s. It’s not just about the secret sauce though…the atmosphere makes each restaurant unique, and there are literally hundreds of BBQ restaurants to enjoy.

Things to Do: KC has tons of professional, semi-pro and college sports to offer. We kick off spring each year with March Madness when the NCAA Tournament comes to town. Not to mention KC Royals baseball, KC Chiefs football, Sporting KC soccer, and Mavericks hockey. Venues like Sprint Center and the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts attract world-class entertainment, while the KC Zoo, Worlds of Fun  and many other attractions provide great family entertainment. Not to mention acres and acres of beautiful parks across the metro area.

The people: If we’re really honest, it’s the people who truly make our city great. With our welcoming nature, balanced lifestyle, and our Midwestern work ethic to continue building upon what we already have here, KC is one great place to live!     

We could go on and on about the many great things KC has to offer. Instead, we’ll let you read this great Huffington Post article, “5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Kansas City,” and see the many things that make this a fantastic, livable, workable city. Or go to visitkc.com to learn more about what’s happening in KC right now!



*image courtesy of Charlie Hustle Clothing Company