SquadBuilders Celebrates Small Businesses


This Wednesday, March 29 was a great day to celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owner Day!

It comes around every year on March 29, and we couldn’t let it go by without a shout out to the 28 million small businesses in the U.S. Another impressive fact: According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, these small businesses (of which SquadBuilders is a proud member) employ 55% of the U.S. workforce. 

From our perspective, running a small business offers three major benefits to our clients:

1.      Teamwork: Our team works closely together to ensure our clients get the most out of the resources we offer. We review our clients’ needs as a cross-functional team to develop the best action plan possible for any scenario.

2.      Strong Relationships: Our team is in constant communication with each other, and our clients. We don’t focus solely on building relationships with our clients; we put great importance on internal team-building activities to ensure excellence in teamwork. In fact, we are all looking forward to a great day of team-building at Tick Tock Escape Games later today. It is a true partnership at SquadBuilders, fostered by an environment of mutual respect for one another.

3.      Flexibility: A small business is more nimble and is better able to keep up with a rapidly changing work environment. As the needs of our clients have evolved over the years, so has our business. We remain in close contact with clients to ensure needs – and expectations – continue to be met or exceeded. This is how we’ve remained in business for more than 25 years!

As a small family business that is now in its third generation of ownership, SquadBuilders is proud to celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owner Day!