Temporary Staffing: Making it work

Last week, we talked about one of SquadBuilders’ most requested services: temp-to-perm placement. While hiring a temporary staff member for a permanent position offers your business the perfect opportunity to test out a new employee, sometimes all you need are extra hands on deck to get your organization through crunch time.

Hiring temporary employees comes with its own pros and cons: the time needed to train temporary workers up front may post a challenge, not to mention the extra paperwork involved with HR to bring on temporary staff. At the same time, the flexibility and ability to meet increased demands can more than make up for the challenges.

The good news: working with a trusted staffing agency can resolve many of the potential issues that crop up with hiring temporary help. Even better news, SquadBuilders has cultivated an exceptional list of personnel – with a wide variety of skills and management experience.

Temporary staffing solutions can make all the difference to you and your employees, especially if you find your organization understaffed on a specific project, in a transition period between hires, in need of large-scale project management and assessment needs, or lacking coverage for an employee who is out on leave.

With 26 years in the staffing industry, SquadBuilders knows what it takes to make a good match between employers and temporary staff. We drill down to the most basic needs of our clients to create the best employer-employee matches. We’ve learned a great deal throughout our years of growth, and we know how to get our clients quality, reliable staff. 

Once staff is in place, SquadBuilders continues to work closely with our recruits and employers to ensure the transition is a smooth one. Not to mention we manage the paperwork!

If you are an employer in need of temporary staff, give SquadBuilders a call. We bring decades of knowledge and a dedicated team focused on developing trustworthy talent. We’ll help you prioritize your needs, so you can make the most strategically sound decisions when placing temporary staff.  #JoinTheSquad