Temp-To-Permanent Hires: Is it right for your business?

One of SquadBuilders’ most requested service is the temp-to-perm placement. It offers your business the perfect opportunity to  test out a new employee before making a long-term commitment, and we have made hundreds of great matches over the years.

If you think hiring temporary or temp-to-perm staffing might be right for your business, The Pros and Cons of Hiring Temporary Employees is a great place to begin. With the increased need for flexibility, and the opportunity to get to know an employee before making a commitment, temp-to-perm can truly be a win-win situation.

Your first priority is finding a trustworthy staffing agency that will take the time to understand your staffing needs. If you are just beginning to research agencies, here are some important questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is the staffing agency professional and responsive to your questions? This is a great way to determine both the quality of the prospective employees, and how well equipped the agency is in placing and managing its employees.

  2. Does the agency staff take the time to fully understand your staffing needs? Did they ask the right questions, or are they trying to give you the hard sell before learning about your specific staffing needs?  

  3. How does the agency recruit its work force? How much time does the agency spend searching for candidates? And how do they find candidates? Is it a new company that is still building its staff, or has the company been around for awhile? Finally, what are recruits saying about the agency?

  4. Does the agency screen its candidates to ensure employees have the appropriate skill sets to meet your needs? At SquadBuilders, our HR department works closely with every division in the organization to ensure every new hire undergoes a comprehensive vetting process to ensure eligibility and compliance. Working in healthcare, we know how critical it is that each employee have the proper credentials and skills to get the job done.

It is so important to make sure your staffing agency is a good fit, and makes you a top priority. SquadBuilders works hard to bring about the best employer-employee matches, and we continue to learn and grow to meet or exceed expectations.  

So, whether your healthcare business needs permanent, temporary/contract, or temp-to-permanent placement, rest assured that SquadBuilders is here to help! Contact us today to begin the process. #JoinTheSquad