What nurses should know about staffing and how SquadBuilders can help

There's an interesting article that appeared a few years back in American Nurse Today, the journal of American Nurses Association.   It discusses the issue and importance of staffing and scheduling.  Some sobering statistics: Research from the last 2 decades supports the importance of adequate registered nurse (RN) staffing in achieving good patient outcomes, safety, and satisfaction. Better RN staffing levels have been shown to reduce patient mortality, enhance outcomes, and improve nurse satisfaction. One study found that for each additional patient assigned to a given nurse, the patient has a 7% increase in the likelihood of dying within 30 days of admission and a 7% increase of failure to rescue.

As you might imagine, staffing remains a problem for hospitals to manage.  Nurses should have a basic understanding of staffing, as they are accountable to their profession and more importantly, their patients. 

ANA’s Principles of Nurse Staffing defines appropriate staffing as “a match of registered nurse expertise with the needs of the recipient of nursing care services in the context of the practice setting and situation. The provision of appropriate nurse staffing is necessary to reach safe, quality outcomes; it is achieved by dynamic, multifaceted decision making processes that must take into account a wide range of variables.”

We are experts in healthcare staffing.  Whether you are a nurse looking for PRN or longer-term placement, or an employer, hospital or other healthcare facility looking to add to your staff, we can do the heavy lifting for you. SquadBuilders brings decades of knowledge and a dedicated team focused on developing trustworthy talent sourcing. We understand the Kansas City market and we understand staffing! #JoinTheSquad


*image COD newsroom / flickr creative commons