Meet Tara Martin, SquadBuilders Nurse Recruiter

It’s truly a team effort here at SquadBuilders, and from time to time, we like to feature one of our staffers. Today, you’ll meet Tara MartinSquadBuilders Nurse Recruiter.  Tara joined our team during the summer and comes from an account management background where she strongly believes hard work and discipline is the winning recipe to produce effective results. We couldn't agree more! Welcome to our team, Tara! 

1. What do you love about working at SquadBuilders?

Everyone who works here is committed to success. We have leaders in place who encourage and push us to achieve more every day we walk in the door. This is a family-owned business and you definitely feel that vibe. They take great care of their employees and are always looking for fun and exciting things to do as a team. (Read more about our company book club here!)

2. How many years' experience have you had in recruiting?

This is my first recruiting role, I started in May 2016.

3. Who is your hero and why?

My Dad & My Grandma. Dad worked hard for our family growing up but never missed out on one event. He is the definition of “hard work pays off” while at the same time finding time to be the best Father, Husband and Friend.  My Grandma has been my best friend my entire life. She taught me to find the good in everyone and that family always comes first! She is the bond that holds our family together and when you talk to her you always feel like you’re her favorite! I can only hope I live a life as fulfilling as hers. 

4. What book are you reading right now?

I just started The Girl on the Train and hope to finish before the movie comes out. 

5. KU, K State or Mizzou?


6. Name two interesting things about yourself?

I was on a championship bowling team in college and I can juggle (but not very well.)

7. My favorite KC BBQ is?

This changes every time I eat BBQ, currently I would have to go with The BBQ Shack in Paola, KS. I love burnt ends so I’m open to recommendations on who has the best in the city!

8. What is your favorite web site or app?

Probably Pinterest. I love to save recipes that I never get around to cooking and crafts/projects that I never get around to doing. 

9. What song best describes your work ethic?

This is a tough one! I’ll go with Jack of All Trades – by  Bruce Springsteen. I’m just your everyday, hard-working American, willing to do whatever it takes to provide for myself and my family.

10. What do you want someone walking through the door at SquadBuilders to know about the company? About yourself?

We care about the people we are serving! You won’t find a more personable approach from a recruiter than you do at SquadBuilders. 

Learn more about Tara and the rest of our #SquadBuilders team by visiting us online or calling her directly at (913) 674-5608. #JoinTheSquad!