Day of Professional Development: SquadBuilders welcomes speaker Luke Barnes

Recently, our team was treated to a visit by Marine Corps Major Luke Barnes of Security PS. In a nutshell, he did a great job of calling out complacency and then providing some "pointers" on how we can recognize and overcome it in our own personal and professional lives.  

If you've followed our blog, you know that as a company, we pride ourselves on giving our employees opportunities to grow- not just professionally- but as a whole person.  We spend time celebrating each other and our successes.  We book club together.  And we enjoy a good speaker with a compelling message.  

Enter Luke Barnes. Security PS's key services include application and network security assessments, penetration tests, security training/awareness, social engineering and information security program development.  

Luke spoke with our team last week and shared his background as Marine coupled with his business experience, and it made for a dynamite discussion on complacency and how taking the path of least resistance can be harmful, both personally and professionally.  

So how to fight it?  

  • Admit that you are at war with complacency
  • Build and welcome accountability to help fight it
  • Live with a sense of urgency
  • Take decisive action (based on goals)

Our team enjoyed Luke's visit very much and it proved to be another example of how we build and nourish our team.  Powerful stuff!  #JoinTheSquad