It's gettin' hot in here...SquadBuilders summer dress code is in effect!


If this is the first summer you've experienced in Kansas City...get ready! One of the things we love most about KC is the fact that we get 4 definite seasons.  Sandwiched in between perfect springs and falls can be some WICKED heat and BITTER cold! 

We're all about keeping folks happy and productive, so we've instituted our summer dress code, effective immediately!  What is the SquadBuilders summer dress code, you might ask?  Work-appropriate shorts, tank-tops, and flip flops are all fair game!

Obviously, we'll use our good judgment and discretion when meeting with candidates or customers...but otherwise, you'll find us putting our noses to the grindstone and working harder than ever for you...just in our summer attire!

Happy Summer!  #JoinTheSquad


*flower image courtesy of Parvin / flickr creative commons license