Costco Referral Promotion- calling all nurses! May 1-31

Are you a nurse or do you know one?  If so, this promotion is for YOU!  It's so simple...and it's happening May 1-31, 2016!

SquadBuilders matches highly qualified nurses with top-notch local hospitals for contract and full-time job placements.  

Here's how the Costco promotion works:

  • A $1,000.00 payout will be offered in return for a referred nurse. This nurse could be a friend, colleague, or even yourself!  
  • In the event you are referring yourself, you will receive the entire payout.  
  • In the event you are not a nurse and you refer a nurse friend, you will split the payout 50/50, each receiving $500.00 for a total payout of $1,000.00.  
  • In order to receive the payout, the nurse referred must be offered and accept a position and complete a minimum of 450 billable hours to a qualifying SquadBuilders customer.
  • The referring party must be a Costco Member.

You can pick up a form at the SquadBuilders kiosk located inside the Costco at 123rd and Metcalf, Overland Park, Kansas, OR, click this link and complete the form online!  It's that easy!

This is a win-win!  WE need nurses...and YOU make money! #JoinTheSquad today!


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