Using Twitter can give you a competitive advantage in your job search

Did you know that by effectively using Twitter in your job search, you can essentially get a "leg up" on your competition? Here's how!

  • Many hiring managers, recruiters and employers actively post new jobs on Twitter.
  • Some jobs are posted exclusively to Twitter.
  • For many recruiters, especially those looking to fill IT jobs, proficiency on Twitter and other social media accounts signals an understanding of technology and emerging trends on the part of the job seeker.  It shows that you understand there is more to networking these days than printing your resume in Times New Roman on heavy cotton paper!
  • Twitter is a free tool that can be added to your job search arsenal.

If you have target employers in mind, search the employer's name on Twitter plus the word "jobs" or "careers."  Many larger companies have dedicated Twitter handles for career openings, that are separate from the regular company profile.  Look for and follow those.

Think about what your keywords are, specific to your job search, and enter them into the search bar.  Keywords for someone looking for a PRN nursing job might be the following: healthcare, nursing, PRN, part-time. Your keyword listing might also include cities:  Kansas City, Overland Park, etc.  Tweets matching your search terms will appear in the results.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to #JoinTheSquadplease contact us!  We’re here to help you find that win-win! Good luck!