5 websites you need to check out to jump start your networking

If you've recently started your job search, networking can be invaluable for uncovering opportunities and making connections.  But where to begin?  You can start by visiting a networking website.  There are many out there; what follows are a select few you might consider.

  • www.meetup.com is a great place to go to find folks that are geographically close to you that share similar interests or hobbies.  Interests can be business or specific skill sets, sports, food, you name it.  Type "marketing" or "healthcare" into the search bar, and boom.
  • It goes without saying that LInkedIn is the go-to spot for professional networking.  You might want to read our previous posts on using LinkedIn in your job search by clicking here.
  • www.eventbrite.com is the place to be for countless associations and organizations looking to promote networking events and ticket sales.  Users can find and create events in 190 countries!
  • www.netparty.com is geared toward budding young professionals, NetParty.com is huge, with more than 100,000 members. According to Forbes, “NetParty functions as the entry point for a network of parties held in 17 U.S. cities, aimed at professionals in their 20s and 30s. The events, held at stylish clubs, are designed to combine business networking with social fun.”  The downside- an extremely limited group of participating cities.
  • www.facebook.com - don't forget about Facebook for events! Users have the ability to create events and invite attendees, and you can see which events your friends are hosting and attending. As with LinkedIn, you can stay in touch with new contacts long after the event has ended!  

Good luck and happy networking! We'd love to have you #JoinTheSquad!


*image courtesy of www.stockmonkeys.com