SquadBuilders salutes our veterans!

In recognition of Veteran's Day, SquadBuilders salutes our veterans, not only today, but every day!  We are grateful to them and their families for their service to our country.  We thought it would be fun to highlight one of our employees who happens to be a veteran and ask him a few questions about his service.  SquadBuilders CEO Steve Vaughan served our country.  You can read more about Steve in a previous blog post announcing his appointment to CEO!  Thank you, Steve, and thank you to all veterans!


1.What branch of military were you in?
<< United States Air Force>>

2.How long were you in the military? 
<< 8 years >>

3. What was your specific job (job title)?
<< Captain, Missile Combat Crew Commander and War Plans Software Developer >>

4.What was a highlight of being in the military?
<< Writing complex software for the military and serving with many, many great men and women in our armed forces >>

5.Where were you stationed?
<< Tucson, AZ and Omaha, NE >>

6.What does freedom mean to you?
<< Our freedom to pursue happiness... our Constitution>>

7.What did you learn from being in the military?
<< Leadership and serving one another in all circumstances.  Teamwork was imperative to succeed along with honesty. >>