5 details to include on your nursing resume

If you're looking for placement in nursing, be it part time, per diem or long term, it's a good idea to update your resume.  How do you make YOUR resume stand out in a sea of nursing applicants? Here are 5 details that are important to Nurse Managers and Supervisors that you might want to include, if applicable.

  1. Professional Affiliations - There are so many potential affiliations and groups to which nurses may belong.  If you belong to Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), put that down. Be sure to include the affiliation name and the date you joined or were admitted.  Be sure to note any special achievements or offices held.
  2. Licensure and Certification Details -  It is recommended to include type of license (RN, LPN, NP, etc.), licensing state and expiration date.  Whether or not to include the license number on your resume is up for debate, due to privacy issues, but your license number is a matter of public record. Essentially, you are making it easier on the recruiter, who will dig in and find it anyways.
  3. Your availability - Even if you're applying for a temporary job, you should indicate if you desire permanent placement or are willing to relocate.  Are you able to work 12-hour shifts? Mornings or days only?  Better include that information.
  4. Computer Knowledge or Experience - Gone are the days of paper-only medical records.  If you have experience with Electronic Health Records and/or Medical Records, include this information. Do you have any other relevant computer skills?  Billing codes?  If you are proficient with Microsoft Office Suite, it's worth noting as well.
  5. Note your accomplishments AND specific daily duties - Noting accomplishments tells potential employers what you did that resulted in tangible results for your employer. Accomplishments are generally more project-driven and one-off things as opposed to listing out your duties, which might be daily or weekly occurrences. A listing of duties, while important, does little to separate you from the pack.  

If you think you’ve got what it takes to #JoinTheSquad, please contact us!  We’re here to help you find that win-win! Good luck!