How recruiters find the right opportunity for candidates

I’ve said it before, but we’ve got such a talented pool of recruiters here at SquadBuilders, it only makes sense to tap into their knowledge and expertise from time to time.  Today, Levi Donals, our Market Manager from our IT Division offers insight on information a recruiter would want to identify when he/she initially gets connected with a candidate.  Thanks, Levi! (To reach out directly to Levi, please call him at (913) 674-5608.)

The goal of any good recruiter is not only to identify a qualified candidate for their client but equally important is to find the right opportunity for the candidate.

Below is a list of questions that recruiters will typically ask to help identify the right opportunity for candidates/individuals.

·         Are they currently employed?

·         Why are they looking for a new opportunity?

·         What type of opportunity are they looking for?

·         What are their salary or hourly wage expectations? Do they receive annual or quarterly bonuses? Do they need benefits (Health, Medical, Dental, Vision etc.…) or does a spouse cover them? Do they currently have a 401K and is there a match?

·         Candidate should be prepared to discuss in depth their skill set and experience.

o   The best candidates are able to speak in depth and intelligently about their skill set and previous experience.

o   Be able to speak to the role and responsibilities of each position they have held.

·         Location? Where do they live and what parts of town do they want to work in? What’s a reasonable commute?

·         Are they willing to relocate?

·         Are there specific industries or companies they would like to work for? Or industries and companies they DO NOT want to work for.

·         How active is their job search? Have they been submitted/applied or interviewed for a lot of positions?

·         What is their timeframe to start a new job?

·         When are they available to interview for a job or start a new job?

·         How much notice are they required to give their current employer?

·         Do you have a current and updated resume?

·         Are they able to pass a background check and or drug screen?

Thanks again for your insight, Levi.  If you think you’ve got what it takes to #JoinTheSquad, please contact us!  We’re here to help you find that win-win! Good luck!