4 things recruiters look for in candidates

It’s no surprise that looking for a job can be an exhausting and even unnerving experience. There are scores of qualified professionals out there, all competing for a limited number of positions. Thankfully, recruiters are here to help you navigate the job search waters while championing you and your skill sets to appropriate hiring managers. Your recruiter knows the types of assignments where your qualities will be put to best use, and will have a handle on what it is that you seek professionally. Recruiters are often the gatekeepers to the best companies with the most highly sought after positions.

Here are four things that recruiters look for in their candidates.  (It goes without saying that a top-notch resume is part of the package as well.  Click here for our previous post on crafting your best resume.)

  1. Good communication skills. Being able to express yourself both verbally and in writing is paramount to your success.  You don’t need to be an experienced public speaker or a past member of the Forensics Club…but being able to articulate your professional goals to your recruiter and then to the hiring manager is invaluable.  Know how to speak and write about your profession.
  2. The ability to express professional self-assurance. Have an objective overview of your skills, achievements and career plans. It’s good practice to highlight your qualities and how they align with an employer’s present—and sometimes future—needs.
  3. Good hygiene. This sounds like a no-brainer, but there’s no overstating the importance of good personal hygiene, when meeting with your recruiter and the hiring manager.  Hair and nails should be neat and well-kept.  You should be freshly bathed, and not be overpowered by the scent of your cologne or perfume.  Attention to detail really shines!
  4. Demonstrate that you can do the work- here and now.  Make sure you confirm during your interviews the exact requirements for the job and expectations from management so you can highlight exactly what the decision-makers are seeking.  Prove that you can do the job under consideration and fit with the company, then demonstrate that you want the job right now.

By knowing what recruiters look for in a candidate, you can learn to present and conduct yourself in a manner that can make you someone every recruiter wants to represent.  Remember, successful employment placement is a team effort!  Good Luck!

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