SquadBuilders: Three generations of staffing & recruiting success (Part 2/2)

Fast forward a few years later we attended my grandfather's funeral.  My parents have now completely bought out the KC branch and there is only one other branch...the rest had either closed down or been sold due to my grandfather's death.  We saw an opportunity in the early 2000's to enter the CA market.  We opened a branch in Sacramento.  We had a great run, but we also fell to the economic shakeup forcing us to make some tough choices.  We closed the CA office in 2012 as the physical location had been shut down 2 years earlier and we were managing everything from KS.  This proved to benefit us greatly.  We learned how to manage remote staff.  We also learned one more very important rule.  We never again wanted to be a "one trick pony."  We felt that in order to be around for another quarter century and beyond, we would need to provide more services, grow our brand and be strategic! 

This brings us to today.  Historically, we have provided a very niche service to a very niche customer base.  We know if we can provide highly skilled healthcare workers, we can do the same in other areas.  We are moving forward with the brand SquadBuilders.  This brand will allow us to continue to penetrate the healthcare market as well as the rest of the business community.  If large and small health care providers can trust us with their needs, we know we can do the same for the rest of the community.  In 2015, we have tripled our staff and are on track to grow our revenues by 100% with projected revenues to double again in 2016.  We have added three new divisions with plans to add two more in 2016.  

If you think you’ve got what it takes to #JoinTheSquad, please contact us!  We’re here to help you find that win-win! Good luck!