How to leverage LinkedIn to land a job, Part 2

If you’re new to our blog, welcome!  Today we’re posting Part 2 of a piece on using LinkedIn in your job search.  You can read Part 1 by clicking here.

Make sure you work the LinkedIn Jobs Board.  You can search for jobs by keywords, geographic area, industry and function. You can even drill down to search by company, title and date posted. The following three items are taken directly from LinkedIn regarding privacy of job searches. It is important to understand.

1) No updates are sent out when you view or apply for a job on LinkedIn. Status updates or content you post may be seen by your network or any others viewing your profile.

2) Some of the changes that trigger updates (activity broadcasts) are: adding a current job position, adding a current school, adding a new link to a website, recommending someone, following a company or adding a connection. You can turn on/off your activity broadcasts and select who can see your activity feed and connections from the Settings page. Your "Activity" section will always be visible to you when you view your profile.

3) If you have a Job Seeker Premium account, you can turn the Job Seeker badge on or off from the Premium badge section of your Settings page. It is off by default. Joining the Job Seeker Premium Group will not send out an activity broadcast to your network, nor will the Premium Group icon show on your profile unless the person viewing your profile is also a Job Seeker Premium subscriber.

Make sure you leverage social media. You can use it to alert friends and family to your job hunt.  You can increase the value of your time spent at networking events and job fairs, engaging with employers ahead of and immediately after an event. You can use social networks to follow businesses you are interested in working for or learning about. Social media is an online conversation, and the job search is all about having a meaningful conversation to sell yourself and your skills to potential employers—while finding that perfect win-win employment situation.  If you think you’ve got what it takes to #JoinTheSquad, please contact us!  We’re here to help you find that win-win! Good luck!