Aging in place leads to rise in home healthcare demands

Aging in place is a relatively new phenomenon happening in the U.S., in which a person can continue to live in a residence of their choice as they age. As they age, the in-home services available and providedto them change along with the individual’s changing needs.

The purpose of aging in place: to enable a person to maintain a higher quality of life…something I’m sure each of us looks forward to having as we get older. Studies show that nearly 90% of U.S. adults over age 65 want to remain in their homes as long as possible. What makes the U.S. unique in the world is that family units are generally split apart, resulting in aging parents living on their own.

Fortunately, even if an older couple’s family lives far away, there are many services in place to help them successfully age in place. In Kansas City alone, there are several Aging in Place programs designed to ensure we help our senior population age with dignity. A collaboration between Cerner, North Kansas City Hospital, and several other Northland organizations is working to provide preventive healthcare and remote monitoring by home health care workers to help Northland residents stay in their homes longer, according to The Kansas City Star.

Services like Jewish Family Services’ JET Express volunteer driver program and Help@Home in Johnson County help older adults remain active and independent by respectively providing safe, reliable and affordable transportation, and assistance in basic home care.

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, the bottom line for healthcare workers is this: more opportunities for nursing staff are opening up each year. #SquadBuilders works with a wide variety of employers, many of whom are looking for great candidates to fill per diem in-home nursing positions.

The good news: SquadBuilders' roots are in per diem healthcare staffing, and we are seeing a number of home healthcare positions available.  To learn more about what might be a good fit for you, #JoinTheSquad and contact us today!