Get to know Senior Recruiter David Graham!

It’s truly a team effort here at SquadBuilders, so each month, we’ve decided to feature one of our staffers. Today, you’ll meet David Graham, Senior Recruiter through this Q&A session, and we hope you enjoy getting to know everybody on the team!

Q: What do you love about working at SquadBuilders?

A: We have a very strong team culture at SquadBuilders; we have each other’s back in every situation. If one team member is having a rough day, week or month, we rally around each other to keep pushing forward.


Q:  How many years experience have you had in recruiting?

A: I have been in the business world for about 4 years, and this is my first year in recruiting. Prior to joining the great world of recruiting, I enjoyed my early years in marketing.


Q: Who is your hero and why?

A: My hero is my father: He is the hardworking, kind and supportive example of what a hero should be.


Q: What book are you reading right now?

A: Right now I’m (probably unwisely) reading 3 different books, but I’ve been really enjoying Screw Business as Usual by Richard Branson. It tells stories of large- and small-scale entrepreneurs working for the common good and change of society, culture and the environment through their businesses. 


Q: KU or Mizzou?

A: My dad and mom brought me home from the hospital in a KU onesie. Being raised in Oklahoma and graduating from Oklahoma State, I never abandoned my Jayhawk pride.


Q: Name two interesting things about yourself.

A: 1) I spring out of bed by 5am each day, and 2) I’m a huge Journey and Santana fan.


Q: My favorite KC BBQ is ...

A: This answer is subject to change on a weekly basis, but for now, Joe’s has my heart.


Q: What is your favorite web site or app?

A: and Both of these sites keep current with trends, news and the top innovators in our world today.


Q: What song best describes your work ethic?

A: Though not Journey or Santana, Freebird (long version) is one of the most fun songs ever recorded. It’s so much fun, but it is a grind for the band to play. I like to have fun and work hard at the same time!


Q: What do you want someone walking through the door at SquadBuilders to know about the company?

A: At SquadBuilders, we want professionals and our customers to know that we are here to serve them in every way possible. Each day our hope is that we work as hard as possible, enjoy ourselves, and bring only the best. We feel a duty and deep sense of care to anyone we work with, and it is a joy for us to function with a serving attitude.

Learn more about David and the rest of our  #SquadBuilders team, or connect directly with David at; 913-489-7604.