SquadBuilders Spotlight: Healthcare Division

According to the Top Health Industry Issues of 2015, “More wired, consumer-oriented and innovative than ever before, the $2.8 trillion US healthcare industry is undergoing profound transformation.”1 Having grown up around the healthcare recruiting business, and having worked with so many healthcare businesses and employees over the years, I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Most interesting to me are:

·         75% of consumers are prepared to work more frequently with non-physician caregivers, and

·         As we’ve seen in many US healthcare headlines, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with patient privacy.   

Which is where our Healthcare Division comes in: there are more positions opening up each day in the healthcare industry…from all levels of nursing and pharmaceutical staff to office operations, like medical office specialists and patient account representatives. 

Thanks to our long-time experience working with hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices and other healthcare provider organizations in the KC area, SquadBuilders has developed a solid reputation when it comes to excellence in creating good employer-employee matches. So it was a seamless transition to helping out our employers with staffing needs that go well beyond nursing. 

As always, our team at SquadBuilders works with each client to create the best match possible. We will work with you to place you in a position that meets your needs, whether per diem, contract, temp-to-permanent, or a full-time position. With thousands of successful candidate placements, our recruiting staff understands everyone has a different career path to follow.

Once you’re on the job, our staff has built an Employee Resources Page to help make the on-the-job experience even easier. We believe in transparency, and want you to have your vital job information – including easy (and secure) access to pay stubs, time sheets, and payroll information at your fingertips. 

If you have medical expertise and are looking for a great experience and an excellent match, I definitely encourage you to learn more about our Healthcare Division Team. I also invite you to #JoinTheSquad and contact us today.


1PwC Health Research Institute Report, Top Health Industry Issues of 2015