10 Essential Apps for any Nurse

As a nurse, there's a lot of information to not only remember, but to keep up with. Here are ten apps that can make your life as a nurse or nursing student a tad easier. 

1. NCSBN Flashcard App

Super simple app that is a medication library at your fingertips. Whether you are a nursing student needing to study, or a nurse needing a great reference point, this is a great app to get. Cost: Free

2. Nursing Essentials

Another great app that can help with any day to day information a nurse may need. Used by recent graduates as well as lifelong nurses, it is a great Nurse Reference Guide. Cost: $5.99


 Gain access to the largest drug database on the market. This app is great specifically for its dosing & medical calculators. Cost: Free

4. Epocrates

Known to be used by over 1 milliion health care professionals, just a few of the great things about Epocrates includes being able to review drug prescription & safety information for thousands of brands, generic & OTC drugs, check for harmful drug-drug interactions, identify pills by imprint code and physical characteristics as well as having access to medical news. Cost: Free

5. Medscape

Gives you accessibility to a medical directory, medical news, clinical reference library, plus much more. Cost: Free

6. WebMD

This app was actually made for the general public. For a nurse though, this can be very beneficial in order to understand how to communicate care to a patient with non-medical terminology. Cost: Free

7. Med Mnemonics

This is a very creative app that is great with helping nurses and nursing students with different ways to memorize terminology, medical conditions and symptoms through rhymes & memory tricks. Cost: $1.99

8. Taber's Medical Dictionary

As noted in the title, this app is a medical dictionary. Not only is it a medical dictionary though, but it’s known to be one of the best medical dictionaries on the market. One of the many things about this app is that includes photos, videos and audio pronunciations. Not every dictionary does that! Lastly, it is capable of saving your favorite entries to come back to later. This handy medical dictionary is perfect for nurses and nursing students alike. Cost: On sale right now for $39.95. Originally $49.95 for one year subscription.

9. NurseGrid

Created to help nurses manage their scheduling process with more ease. With the app, you can schedule across any work site, see who you are working with every shift, find out who can swap shifts with you, sync NurseGrid with any of your other calendars, message other nurses through group or 1 on 1 messaging as well as being able to enter your credentials into the app and it will notify you when they expire. Cost: Free

10. AllNurses.com

If you are looking to find a way to network with other nurses, this is the app for you! It provides nurses and nursing students with professional support as well as access to the most recent nursing news. The app also allows nurses to read/post message threads, read/vote on polls, search for topics, etc. Cost: Free

What apps are your "MUST-HAVES"? 

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